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About Me

I am a born observer. It is in the simple, most ordinary moments of living that we find the greatest treasures. 

My travels across the globe have taken me to places in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, China and the Middle East. I have set up home in South Africa, Bangkok, Shanghai and the United Arab Emirates. Travelling takes one outside of yourself, it expands your awareness, and it grows your experience of all of life. This is my passion – writing about what I see and experience. 

I am a published author and my children’s book, “Dilbert – The Dubai Dragonfly” captures and combines my love for travel with philosophy and the charm of childhood fantasy.

Working with people is my purpose. I am a certified Louise Hay, “Heal your Life” Facilitator and Workshop Leader. As a firm believer in the healing power of touch, I have also qualified as a reflexologist. Our feet take us places, they ground us and connect us to the Earth. I have a special love for animals, animal communication, and the natural world and I believe and know that we have the ability to communicate with all living beings!

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