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Dilbert - the Dubai Dragonfly

Dilbert –The Dubai Dragonfly, is a story of love and friendship and finding the answer to Dilbert’s question, so many of us ask, “What is my purpose?” 


Dilbert is a young dragonfly who finds himself hatching in a park of palm trees, tucked away under the giant cement pillars of the Monorail in the exciting and futuristic city of Dubai. His first encounter is with Cleo the beautiful and kind Station cat. She introduces him to the much-loved and very knowledgeable Boris, a bearded dragon with a difference. He has escaped from a life of captivity, and is “On the run!” 


The park comes to life with the arrival and introduction of each new character. The quirky Gupta Gang, Indian mynahs from Kerala miss nothing and comment on everything. Sultan, the Royal falcon, shares his flight around the tallest building in the world. Claudio, the crow from Hatta with a passion for bicycle wheels explains why it is so important to love oneself. Dusty and Chok Dee, both rescue dogs, share their thoughts on love and gratitude. Is Leila, the Indian palm squirrel really a time traveller and, why does Lenny the nomad lizard from Oman say he had a “near-death-experience?” 


Join this happy gang of friends as they meet other intrepid travellers such as Flash from Stonehenge, Rumi from Turkey and Roxy, the "flying fox." Myrtle the turtle, Zabeel the palace peacock, Zara the Arabian Spiny mouse and Mervin the heron are just some of the little creatures waiting to share their fun-filled days in the park with you. Dilbert explains why ant therapy is so relaxing and discovers the joy of Silence. 


The book is filled with wisdom and some very important truths many of us take a lifetime to understand. It is through these special friends that Dilbert realizes he has a unique ability to create rainbows with his wings. His new-found friends are fascinated, but none can help him find the answer as to how it is done. It is only with the sudden and marvellous appearance of the wise and magical Babu that Dilbert finds the answers to his questions. 


This story about friendship and love shows us that when you look at life with a loving heart, anything is possible and the world is indeed a magical place!

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