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This is the Time for New Beginnings

This is the time for new beginnings. Life as we knew it has changed in ways we could never have even imagined. Our world has been turned on its head and we are all watching with bated breath as the pieces start to slowly fall back into place. There will be some pieces that don’t fit any longer, and some that are quite simply gone. We are all going to have to find our way in this brave New World.

Who could have foreseen the disruption and change we were about to experience? Lock down, isolation, job loss, market crashes, panic buying, hoarding, empty supermarket shelves, death and an invisible enemy hijacked our thoughts. It would be easy to allow fear to take control of our lives, but instead we have joined forces, uniting with courage against a common threat.

We connected with strangers, neighbours helping each other, people coming together to show appreciation for first responders, shop workers, delivery people, cleaners, public transport drivers, anyone and everyone involved in some form of selfless service to their community. We are truly understanding the power in being connected and caring.

The choice between staying in fear or moving forwards towards hope has brought us together. We see that what we choose to focus on and think about becomes our current reality. There is little point in staying glued to TV news updates, instead find a way to connect with Nature and with each other. Nature grounds us and provides us with a sense of permanence. The birds still sing, the sun rises and sets in a blaze of light every evening and the seasons change as they should. Nature fills us with promise and hope.

Reconnect with your community. Who are they? These are the people you associate with every day; neighbours, family, connections on social media, colleagues via skype meetings and even a passer-by who waves as you stand at a window. Amongst them you have an identity, you belong. We all want to feel connected, to matter, to know our lives make a difference. Now more than ever we are re-learning and appreciating the value of being part of a wider community as we take care of each other.

You have the time now, nurture your connection to Nature, to yourself and to those around you. This will become the solid foundation upon which you will build your transformation in this brave New World.

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