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What makes your heart sing?

Updated: May 26, 2020

The gift you have to share with others is the thing that lights you up, fills you with energy and invigorates you. This is your purpose.

It comes so naturally because it is you. Let go of other people’s expectations and ignore your greatest critic – yourself.

Ask ‘What really makes my heart sing?’ What fills me with passion and inspires me so deeply I can’t wait to share it?

When you meet a person, who is passionate about what they do – they sweep you along in their wake, bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Good vibes are catching. That’s why we love being around people who are passionate, energetic and optimistic. We all need an extra shot of happiness in our lives.

“People with passion can change the world for the better” – Steve Jobs

I met just such a man in Amsterdam. He reminded me of what it was like to let your heart sing.

Amsterdam is an easy city to get lost in on a rainy night. The many canals (it has more than Venice) and bridges make the city confusing. After a night out, we tried to get back to the hotel on foot in the pouring rain. No umbrella, no raincoat and only Google maps, we passed the same group of people for the 4th time. They cheerfully waved at us from their warm pub window. We realised we needed a taxi. Through the pouring rain, Maroni and his “Disco taxi 911” appeared - literally as though heaven sent.

This was a man with passion. Without batting an eye, he welcomed us soaking wet and trailing mud. A music video of The Four Seasons played in the background; a disco ball flashed spinning lights around the inside of the cab. Coloured lights, glowing mushrooms on the fur covered dashboard, and a psychedelic lotus flower had us feeling we had slipped through the doors of a nightclub.

Unfazed by the fact that we were drenched, Maroni announced he would take us to the hotel via a scenic route as this would allow him to give us an unofficial tour of the city. Turning up the volume on his DJ skills, we enjoyed some karaoke followed by interesting historical and architectural facts of the city. We were sorry our ride to the hotel had to end so quickly. Hugging like old friends, we promised to watch his videos on You Tube and pass on his details to friends.

Without his passion our trip would have been so different. Moroni could have refused to pick us up due to our state. He could have said the trip was not worth the effort as the hotel was just a block away.

Instead - he welcomed us as though royalty, giving us five star treatment and sharing his passion for both his job and his city. Moroni made Amsterdam memorable.

Passion has the power to change our experience of the world. It brings out the best of me and this brings out the best in us all.

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